Reversing Diabetes

reverse diabetes successReversing diabetes is possible! You don’t have to live your life with just the treatment of diabetes. Why not eradicate it altogether? On this page, I will map out the steps I took to reverse my own type 2 diabetes. These steps are proven diabetes reversal steps that work, however I do recommend that you take these steps with the assistance of your doctor. Everyone’s situation is different, therefore your doctor can help you tailor this program to work for you. If you would like additional assistance, diabetes help is available to you through my Diabetes Services.

Yes, it is true that type 2 diabetes is a degenerative disease, but only if you let it degenerate. The reality is that 90% of the responsibility for progress or reversal is in your control. In reality, if you don’t take control of your part, you leave your doctor no option but to medicate and treat you through degeneration. This is exactly the same as choosing to ignore a deep wound in your leg – eventually, it will become infected, you’ll get blood poison and gangrene, and the infection will spread, endangering your life. You wouldn’t let it go that far, and the same mindset works for diabetes. Remember, it will only get worse if you let it.

Healthy Body/Healthy Mindset

In order to have a healthy body that will perform well and give you the best protection from illness, you must consistently give it what it requires. Just like putting the correct quantity and grade of oil and fuel in your car helps it perform well, your body will perform well for you when you provide it with balanced nourishment. The nourishment I am referring to here is not limited to the nutrients in food. Your health is determined by the sum total of the following nutrients:

  1. Mindset Nutrients in the form of: Realistic habit forming healthy self-management
  2. Food Nutrients in the form of: Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Water
  3. Exercise Nutrients in the form of: Moderate and consistent exercise
  4. Happiness Nutrients in the form of: Balanced and consistent pleasure-linked activities


diabetes and mindsetFACT: Doing the same things the same way will only give you the same result. To get a different result, you need to change the way you are doing things.

The medical profession and the plethora of information out there about type 2 diabetes will have you believe that it is a degenerative disease, which basically means that your health will continue to decrease and your medication intake will increase. Until you stop believing all of that nonsense, you will continue to prove them right.

The real truth is that type 2 diabetes is far more psychological than it is physical; therefore the most important component of reversing it is psychological. Don’t surrender to the disease by burning out on all the information you find out there and the terror of what that information tells you. Believe in the possibility of reversal and let every decision you make be based on that belief. Here are some tips to help you change your mindset:

  •  Use mind pictures.Like any journey, there must be a destination. Visualize vividly yourself at your natural weight and with your type 2 diabetes under control or reversed. Visualize what freedom and reward having both of these things in your life would give you. Set your picture in your mind and be determined to enjoy the journey and get to your destination.TIP: It is important to use the word “Journey” because it suggests that the reward of your efforts will come over time. Allow yourself that time, you don’t know how long it will take but every day you are actively doing it positive things are happening to your health and the reward is getting nearer.
  • Put your mind in learning mode. There is an almost over-abundance of information available to us these days. Knowledge is power. Claim your power! Learn what foods are not good for you. Learn what your body needs to be healthy.
  • Take responsibility for your own health. Don’t leave it up to the medical world. Seek their help and then take responsibility and do your part. Your best possible chance of success comes with your willingness to learn and understand yourself. This gets easier when you realize that obsession, perfection, deprivation, hunger, fatigue, stress and lack of focus are the enemy.It is highly unlikely that if you have a bad eating routine, a high density fat and sugar lifestyle, and eat to satisfy your mind rather than to satisfy physical hunger that you would be able to immediately switch to and maintain a full on healthy life food plan and sustain it for the rest of your life. This is normal, yet unhealthy/ You can instead decide to make gradual and gentle changes that will nurture your body and your health.

Food and Type 2 Diabetes:

Reversing diabetes food no diets

Most information will tell you to go on a certain diet in order to control your diabetes. I referred to the problem with those types of diets on the What is Diabetes page. Here, I want to map out for you the important components of what makes up a healthy weight loss/maintenance plan.

The simple fact is that food is fuel, and just like fuel for your car, it should be of the right quality and taken in the right quantity, The energy produced from the right quantity should be almost completely used before re-fueling. The body requires approximately six fuel stops per day with a variation of fuel amounts.

When you apply this way of eating/fueling (eating as we were meant to eat), you will not feel hunger, other than a signal to tell you that its time to top up or have one of your necessary meals per day, and as you practice this, your body and mind adapt, making your signals clearer and creating balance.

The great part is that you eat foods that you like and you do not deprive yourself of any foods. The only things you deprive yourself of is eating too much food at any time you want and too much of the same kind of food.

Natural/Visual Portion Control:

Contrary to the typical advice you will find about portion control, the absolute truth is that just as nobody else can be held accountable for your health, nobody else can portion control you. You are the only one responsible for the amount you eat and it is purely a matter of understanding that you just don’t need that much food. It is much easier to understand this when you eat a good cross section of fresh foods and remove as many processed foods from your diet as possible.

The bottom line here is, your stomach is a fuel container, and the mixture and quantity of food you put in the container decides your good or bad health. Your stomach is  the size of your clinched fist, which tells us that we humans are only supposed to eat small amounts regularly. What we should be doing is: eat – use up the fuel – eat – use up the fuel, etc. It is really quite simple:

RULE OF THUMB: Eat 3 well balanced main meals per day where your total food intake is approximately twice the size of your clinched fist (once you chew it, it will reduce to the size of one fist). Don’t worry if it is marginal one way or the other; that is obsession and is therefore not useful. All other meals (usually about 3 per day) are top ups. You don’t want to skip these because if you get too hungry, you will overeat, and if your body gets the idea that you are depriving it of food and water, it will start to store fat.

Reversing diabetes food no diets

Foods to Consider:

Remember that you are not depriving yourself of anything here. It is all about balance and moderation. There are of course things that are not as good for you as others, and while you can still eat those foods, you just want to reduce your intake of them.

CARBOHYDRATES: Once you have a good understanding of  what carbohydrates are and how to factor them into your way of eating and drinking, the whole food thing becomes much easier. Fruit, vegetables, nuts and salads contain miniscule amounts of carbohydrates, so the good news is that you can eat a good variety and plenty of them. Mix your fruits and try to eat at least two pieces of fruit every day. Whole grains are another form of carbohydrate that are healthy for you. These include: whole grain bread, whole grain rice and whole grain pasta.

The carbohydrates that aren’t good for you include: white bread, rolls, biscuits, cakes (and almost everything from the bakery),  potatoes, chips and french fries. These types of foods play a big part in most diets in the western world and this is a large part of the type 2 diabetes problem. These products contain carbohydrates that are needed by the human body, but they break down into glucose and overload your blood very quickly; therefore it is very important that they are kept to the absolute minimum.

Other Food-Related Tips For Diabetes Reversal:

Become aware of what you are doing when eating (Eat consciously).
Don’t Gulp or wash badly chewed food down.
Take time to eat “every time you eat.”
Chew your food well, then chew some more.
Do not watch TV or have other distractions when eating.
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate (Drink lots of water).
Your body needs to work on the food you eat, so the fresher the food the happier the body.
Eat lots of fruit, but do not use fruit as a replacement for a balanced meal.

Exercise – The Easy Way:

Diabetes Reversal Walking, Walk Away Walk Away

Most people do not experience a positive feeling when it comes to the thought of exercising. This is perfectly understandable since most exercise advice and regimes amount to excessive exercise for a short length of time, or for as long as you can endure it. “No Pain No Gain” and over-exercise is guaranteed to give most people an unhealthy association with the very word “exercise” and therefore, it becomes an unpalatable, painful and irregular chore that is not sustainable through the different phases and ages of  life.

Exercising to maintain health should be as natural as breathing, and a part of your life that just flows without much consideration. Because of bad associations with exercise, people tend to regard the last statement as dream-like or even impossible. The good news, however, is that just like most things that work in our favor, “simplicity” is the key.

When you have bad associations with exercise, it usually means you have applied someone else’s version or exercise to yourself. The medical world and fitness world would say that any exercise is good and there is some small truth in that, but the reality is that unless you can develop an activity routine that is doable anytime, has variety, is pain free, pleasure linked and gives you emotional and physical rewards, you are unlikely to keep it up as part of your well being management for life.

Your best plan is to exercise in the most natural way known to man: walk. As it turns out, this is the best exercise for blood glucose control. The body turns carbohydrates into glucose and some glucose is needed for the body and brain to function, but the excess that would overload your blood will be burned off while walking.

Why Walking is the Most Valuable Form of Exercise:

  • Walking as an exercise is free of charge.
  • Walking gives you both physical and emotional benefits.
  • Walking for most people is pleasure linked and it is vital the exercise you choose be that for you. Waling allows you to enjoy your surroundings and feel at peace.
  • Walking does not cause pain. Where there is pain there is only short term or no gain. Do not even consider walking briskly, because if you walk briskly, you will most likely have muscle pain, which can deter you from doing it again. As you  get fitter go for longer walks at a steady pace. When you finish your walk you should not be sweating profusely – a healthy glow is ideal.

Additional Tips:

  • Always bring a bottle of water and some fruit, or other palatable healthy food.
  • Do not over-exercise. Exercise burns up calorific energy, so if you over-exercise, your body will call for more energy/food and you are likely to overeat. This is another good reason to bring food and water on your walk.
  • Caution: Anyone who entertains the idea that they can eat sweet bars, chips, biscuits, etc. on their walk, or reward themselves when they get home, is only hurting themselves by making their task next to impossible.
  • Be organized – always have foods that assist you available in your pocket, handbag, car, office or wherever you go.
  • Do not think you deserve a food reward for doing your exercise – you don’t. Your reward is better health, better self-esteem and, a better life! You won’t get that in a bag of sweets, chips or a sugary drink.

Your success lies in your self-belief and determination to be diabetes free. The plan for reversing diabetes is also the plan for preventing diabetes. Eat the correct amount to satisfy the level of physical hunger you have at that particular time. Hydrate/Drink Water, and participate in one hour of moderate exercise per day.  Looking at it that way, it’s not a huge or prolonged challenge. All that is needed is practice, becoming mentally accustomed and physically trained to eat correctly, and for the right reasons. Diabetes Help  is available to help you with your type 2 diabetes reversal plan.

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